We all know that meals get so much tastier with Coca-Cola, but there is no official recipe that suggests you to drink Coca-Cola with your meal to make it taste perfect.

In 2019, UM team decided to give this suggestion to the Georgian society and we started a placement on the #1 website of food recipes – “Gemrielia.ge”. Its name in translation means “tasty”. We had three different integrations with this website.

  • We did the first ever logo integration on GEO digital market. The two logos together had a message that said “Tasty with Coca-Cola”.
  • Display banners were integrated in the “ingredients” part of the chosen recipe pages. The banners had a message: “Tastier with Coca-Cola”.
  • A special photoshoot was organized and the recipes of 47 chosen meals got new pictures of the ready meal with Coca – Cola bottles.

The campaign resulted in having Coca-Cola as a part of the official recipes.