Georgians adore the “National” competitions on social media. A few challenge-contests have brought the whole country together a several times already.

In February 2020, Ryanair did a face-off contest in their Instagram stories. The contest was aimed to reveal the best tourist destination of 2020 and Georgians have come together one more time to prove that Tbilisi is definitely the best place to visit. Surprisingly, Tbilisi turned out to be unmatched, got more than 500000 votes in the contest and triumphed over cities like Paris, Rome, Barcelona, etc.

UM Georgia contacted the marketing team of Ryanair and planned a trip to Tbilisi for their social media manager –Stephen. The campaign was supported by National Tourism Agency, Rooms Hotel Georgia and a tourism agency Travelfy. We all made sure that Stephen would have an amazing time here and proved that Tbilisi is really a place to visit. During this trip, Stephen had the best experience of everything you can try in the city, from making & tasting the Georgian cuisine to dancing in the well-known Georgian clubs. by the end of this journey, our team organized a workshop with him and talked about the specifics of this campaign.